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What is ''human resource planning' Explain how this process may be aligned to or integrated with strategic planning in an organization - Essay Example

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The statement that, people are one of the most important resources critical to the success of an organization has been echoed by management experts over a period of time. There was a period when businesses were small and were usually managed by a single person or a family. Most…
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What is human resource planning Explain how this process may be aligned to or integrated with strategic planning in an organization
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Extract of sample "What is ''human resource planning' Explain how this process may be aligned to or integrated with strategic planning in an organization"

Download file to see previous pages Globalization and free trade resulted in an explosion of multinational companies employing people from different countries and cultures. All these developments gave rise to the concept of effectively managing a large and diverse workforce and a new field of study developed over the years, known as human resource management. Most medium and large organizations now have dedicated departments or managers to look after this function. This paper looks at the concept of human resource planning which forms the foundation for management of human resources and the importance of integrating it with corporate or organizational strategy.
Organizations exist mainly for profit motive (or in broader terms, effective utilization of material and human resources) and the objective of the organization is achieved to a large extent through its employees. Hence a strategy for developing and managing the employees is essential. For this purpose the concepts of human resource development and human resource management have to be in place. Moreover, a strategic human resource planning has to take place in order to effectively implement the above two concepts. Before moving on to the topic, it is necessary to review in brief, an overview of human resource development (HRD) and human resource management (HRM) since they form an integral part in the planning process. It will also show how these two concepts make the whole process of managing employees a complex task, especially in medium and large organizations. It also shows the need for planning which is essential for effective implementation of HRD and HRM policies and practices.
HRD is the responsibility of top management which is concerned with people at work and with the relationships within an organization. It basically means development of employees with regard to all aspects of employment and includes job skills, soft skills, and qualifications. HRD can be regarded as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What is ''human resource planning' Explain how this process may be Essay, n.d.)
What is ''human resource planning' Explain how this process may be Essay.
(What Is ''Human Resource planning' Explain How This Process May Be Essay)
What Is ''Human Resource planning' Explain How This Process May Be Essay.
“What Is ''Human Resource planning' Explain How This Process May Be Essay”.
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