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A lot of money which could have been used to start projects that will spearhead growth of the economy is being directed to treat these diseases. Majority of the affected…
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Download file to see previous pages The government has a mandate of protecting its people. Young generation holds the future of these countries on their hands. As a result, every administration has a responsibility of protecting this generation. In an attempt to protect the whole population, these governments have come up with several measures that are aimed at reducing the exposure of the people to this kind of smoke (Callinan, Clarke & Kelleher 2010) The number of smokers in these countries is smaller compared to non-smokers. As a result, the governments are protecting the majority of the population through developing various strategies that will reduce the impact of cigarette smoke on the people.
The smokers should stay outside the homes, restaurants and shops until they finish their activities. Although this will viewed as a way of segregating the smokers from the rest of the society, the move will play a significant role in preventing the younger generation from adopting the smoking behavior. Furthermore, it will protect the members of the public from the cigarette smoke. Some people are allergic to smoke (Great Britain, 2005). As a result, the government should create designated places where smokers can congregate and smoke freely without the fear of disturbing other people. This should be followed by strict rules and stiff penalties to all those who violates these laws. This is to ensure that bus stops, government buildings, social places, and the streets are safe for the people. Smoking in the open disturbs children and seniors. Many adapt this behavior because they feel that it is the right thing to do. Therefore, excluding the smokers to a particular place and making them pay for their behavior by staying away from other people while smoking will discourage the young people to stay away from the smoking behavior. The UK and US governments have implemented some of these measures, an aspect that has not augured well with the smokers. This is because they feel that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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