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Explaining Management Decisions (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) - Essay Example

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When it comes to decisions made in an organization, many of them are meant to benefit the business even if some employees may not be…
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Explaining Management Decisions (SPORTS MANAGEMENT)
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Extract of sample "Explaining Management Decisions (SPORTS MANAGEMENT)"

Management Decisions in Sports School affiliation: Decision making is as important in the world of business as it is in other spheresof life, and at some point one has to make a decision. When it comes to decisions made in an organization, many of them are meant to benefit the business even if some employees may not be comfortable agreeing with them. Even though it is sometimes advisable to seek employees’ opinions, management often has to make some decisions regardless of their juniors’ views. As a result, there is a possibility of a feeling of exclusion from the affected parties, who may argue that their opinions would have been more impactful. Using the case of Karsten manufacturing corporation, this paper seeks to explain the management decisions in a business.
While the vice president’s feelings are understandable, it is imperative to understand that a decision takes several stages and considerations before being reached. Secondly, decision makers face situations that require information which might not be available. For instance the situation of uncertainty faces a person when there is limitation of facts. Complexity is another situation that tends to demand the consideration of other interrelated factors. Then, high-risk consequences situations require that one be keen on the decision because it will have significant consequences.
Management decision
As noted above, management often makes decisions with considerations being made primarily about the organization not the feelings of individuals. Thus, managements tend to employ a number of theories to reach this decision. This is section will focus on the steps that management take in the culmination of a decision-making.
The first thing a management is faced with is a situation before a decision is made. For this reason, the management takes time trying to understand the situation. According to Nienaber (2010), the reason competent management takes time here is that the definition of a problem will shape the next process. Thus, management tends to be careful on understanding the situation once it has been recognized as one that requires more attention.
Once a problem has been confirmed to exist, it has to be solved, and this calls for a solution. However, because of the complexities of situations, coming up with the right decision is not always easy. Hence, the management draws alternatives first in a bid to identify the most applicable in the given situation. Evaluation of the most appropriate alternatives follows where the management closely looks into each of the alternatives. The selection of the best alternative comes as the last step, and it is after this step that a decision is reached. Finally, the implementation follows and as the process goes on, the management evaluates the results (Kozuba, 2013)
Contracting someone from the outside was the right decision because of the expertise needed. Furthermore, since the vice president has no expertise in this area, this would offer him an opportunity to be equipped with the skills. Besides, all the personnel under him would immensely benefit from the individual tasked with this project. Consequently, this would ensure that in the future, the vice president’s department is well equipped. Obviously, it is the vice president who would be seen as a good leader.
The above scenario is replicated in the sport arena countless times, with one incident involving a football club playing in the Major League soccer (MLS). The captain of this club was reportedly not even informed on the decision to have the English player join the club from Manchester City. Therefore, the decision not to involve the vice president was more beneficial to him that it was harmful.
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