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Why the musliem girls wear scarf - Essay Example

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This question has been asked more than most people can count. Many answers have been provided and yet most people seem unsatisfied by the answers they receive. A number of articles have discussed this topic, but a substantial…
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Why the musliem girls wear scarf
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"Why the musliem girls wear scarf"

Download file to see previous pages Similarly, there are many cultural, religious, and personal reasons that make a Muslim girl wear a hijab.
There are different types of headscarves in the Islamic culture. Hijab is the general word used to refer to the headscarf, veil, or the verb to cover (Aldridge 15). It also describes a veil that covers the neck and the hair but leaves the face open. The Niqab veils the head and the face leaving the eyes uncovered and is adorned alongside an abaya, which is a loose black garment, the covers from the head to the feet. The Burka is a veil that covers up the woman’s body as a whole including the eyes; one sees through a grille or mesh window put across the face (Aldridge 15). The Dupatta is a commonly used by people in south Asia (Aldridge 16). Is consists of a long loose scarf draping across the head and shoulders worn with other matching clothes. Finally, the chador is common among Iranian women. It is full length cloak which covers the woman’s head and body and is held closed at its front by the woman’s hands (Aldridge 17).
Religion is the main reason cited as a reason for Muslim girls wearing a hijab. The Quran talks extensively about the requirement of a woman to wear a headscarf. In Surah 24 verses 30 t0 31, Prophet Muhammad informs women that God ordered them to wear a headscarf. The message is similar in Surah 33 verse 59 (Rodwell 86). According to the Quran, Muhammad says that a veil maintains a woman modesty, which is God’s, will. The main argument against the veil is that modesty can be upheld in many different ways. For some people modesty entails wearing loose clothing, which does not enhance or flaunt their body parts. In other people’s opinion, modesty simply entails not wearing skirts that are above the knees or clothes that show ones belly button. People that question wearing the hijab based on the definition of modesty need to realize that the Quran provides and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why the Musliem Girls Wear Scarf Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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