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He is kind of person that most biographies and analysts assert that more about his life is revealed posthumously. At present time, Claude Monet can be described in four parts: Early life,…
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Claude Monet
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Claude Monet Affiliation Claude Monet is one wealth of legacy that span from when he was living and after his life. He is kind of person that most biographies and analysts assert that more about his life is revealed posthumously. At present time, Claude Monet can be described in four parts: Early life, later life, death and posthumous life. In all the four part Claude Monet left an indelible mark that is ostensibly visible to those that are inspired by his deeds during his life (Burt, 2001, 41).
On early life, Monet was born on 14 of November 1840 in Paris, France. He studied art in one of the local school in Paris. He was also a student of Jacque-Louis David. Then became a mentee of Eugene Boudin who taught him on the outdoor technique of painting. He left school after being his mother dying in the year 1857. Later on he left France and went England where he painted more than 25 building and he was suspected of revolutionary activities. At 32 Monet and Camille Doncieux married. They had two sons, second one died of tuberculosis where he painted him on the death bed (Kalitina & Brodskai︠, 2011, 102-120)
Image 1: Impression of Sunrise
On later life and death, Monet had difficulty life after death of his wife. The grief gave him the impetus to make the best of his painting. Most of the painting were considered the best for campaign in France. The prospects of Monet starting changing when he met Paul Durand, dealer, who made his paint sale. His painting such as Rouen Cathedral got popularity. Life changed and he started making better incomes. In the year 1926, Monet succumbed to lung cancer. Only 50 people attended the burial at cemetery of Givenery church.
Posthumously, the English parliament the painting of Monet was exhibited showing Railway Bridge. The painting was bided at $ 36.5 million (Kalitina & Brodskai︠, 2011, 137)
Pictures That Monet Made Him Popular

Image 2: Woman in green dress
Kalitina, N. N., Monet, C., &Brodskai︠A︡, N. V. (2011).Claude Monet. [New York], Parkstone Press International. (Pg 100-154)
Burt, D. S. (2001). The biography book: a readers guide to nonfiction, fictional, and film biographies of more than 500 of the most fascinating individuals of all time. Westport, CT, Oryx Press. (pg 25-56) Read More
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