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Interior design will offer many job opportunities that include; office and home interior design. Other options are; landscape design, furniture design,…
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Download file to see previous pages The future of interior design will require an individual who has taken the course on textile basics. This course will provide me with a better understanding of the many types of fibers and the various designs that can be achieved by using man-made fibers.
The course also teaches students the different stitch and knit methods that can be done manually; such skills will be vital in order to come up with signature designs. Surveys done across the design industry reveal that Americans will be residing in small spaces and fewer rooms within the next five years. Design professionals also note that formal rooms will gradually become extinct. Dining rooms will change to multipurpose rooms with small home offices; children study rooms and entertainment spots. Multipurpose spaces will be developed from separate rooms with the type of furniture in use being moveable, modular and smaller scaled. Dining rooms will give way to eat-in kitchens and technology will be heavily incorporated, for example; sensor and voice activation and spa baths. Low maintenance homes with real gardens will become prevalent. As a future designer, I will keep updated with such trends and keep designing future homes.
This firm is named among the global leaders in mixed-use developments, retail design, built and natural asset design. Callison was started in the year 1975 and are based in Seattle. Callison offers retail and commercial services while specializing in graphic design, program management, master planning, entertainment and sustainable design.
Residential designs, Callison creates designs that leverages the market potential; generate returns while meeting the client’s needs. Interior and architecture designs for the hospitality industry; hospitality field creates varying design challenges where they excel (Edwards). They have come up with a studio environment that equips them with the necessary skills to provide personalized attention
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“RESEARCH ABOUT INTERIOR DESIGN FIRMS Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1675568-research-about-interior-design-firms.
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