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Kachin Insurgency in Myanmar - Essay Example

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Insurgency is defined as an uprising lead by a faction not recognized as having legitimate status against a constituted authority or government recognized by the United Nations. However, there has been a revolution in the models of insurgency in the recent past and an emergency…
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Kachin Insurgency in Myanmar
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Extract of sample "Kachin Insurgency in Myanmar"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, in this regard, the department of defense defines the current insurgency as an organized opposition movement that employs subversion, incapacitation and armed conflict to realize its objectives (Bortnyk). Therefore, insurgencies usually seek to overthrow the recurrent social order by altering power within a nation.
A number of factors contribute to an insurgency in various occurrences but often political power is the primary issue in both insurgencies and counterinsurgencies with each faction aiming at gaining a people’s patronage. Major contributors are economic deprivation, poor governance and lack of government legitimacy. For instance, economic deprivation leads to poverty that leaves young men with fewer options in life or less to lose; thus, leaving them with no choice but to join insurgent groups (Bortnyk). In addition, poverty leads to increased crimes, a premonition of a population’s desensitization to lawlessness and aggression, which creates an illegal market in support of insurgencies (Army).
That notwithstanding, most repressive systems of governances deny second or alternative voices from surfacing to question or criticize government operations and activities; thus leaving oppositions and alternative resort to insurgency to force the government to deliver on its mandate or to relinquish power. Thus, with the above understanding, this paper features the insurgency efforts of the Kachin Independence Army and its affiliates such as Myanmar military. The study focuses on the history of movements with no choice but to resort to insurgency. Lastly, besides governance, governments are expected to provide their citizens with security, justice, economic needs and allow space for ideology sharing (Aylwin-Foster and Army). Therefore, failure to provide such services to citizens, they often the Myanmar insurgency, the underlying causes, the army’s tactics and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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