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It is looking at things differently which is like Weakland’s reframing of changing “the conceptual and/or emotional setting or viewpoint in relation to which a…
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Answer One Question
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Teacher Q1 WHAT IS IMAGINATION? Using concepts and examples from EEE378 materials (anything posted on BB), a) Explain what imagination is (in your own words), and state clearly what imagination is not.
Imagination is the act of letting one’s mind fly its fancy thinking and exploring possibilities about anything. It is looking at things differently which is like Weakland’s reframing of changing “the conceptual and/or emotional setting or viewpoint in relation to which a situation is experienced and to place it in another frame which fits the facts of the same situation equally well or even better, and thereby changing its entire meaning”. Or in short, looking at things differently.
b) Provide an example that illustrates how and why imagination matters for problem-solving and entrepreneurship.
Imagination enables one to explore the possibilities of approaching a certain problem thereby increasing the probability of solving it due to the numerous ways of tackling the problem. Imagination is also the mother of innovation that enables entrepreneurs to create new products and services that would add value and profit to the business. It also enables entrepreneur to look for better ways to improve the business to make it competitive and profitable.
Q1-2: IMAGINE....
Take an every day object (any object of your choice) and use imagination to transform it into something new and different. Your transformation should minimally reflect insights from three factors:
The every day object chosen that could be transform into something new and different is the hairbrush. Typically, we just used the hairbrush to comb our hair. Other than that, it no longer has any use. If one will dry his or her hair, one has to use a dryer. And if one wants to set his or hair, he or she has to use a gel or a setting wax. I am thinking of having all these devices rolled into a one hairbrush. Thus, taking into account my definition of imagination of reframing or seeing things differently, I would transform the brush not just a device to comb my hair but also a device that would dry and set my hair all rolled into one. The hairbrush is now transformed to a dryer and a setting wax in addition to its regular function of combing the hair (or scratching one’s back).
My major is Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises and my major would be surely put to use by this object because I could further develop the object to become a revolutionary product that people could use. I would transform how people would look at the application of brushes as merely objects that combs the hair. Instead, it would now become a complete device that would dry and set the hair. With this object turned into product, people can now discard their hair dryers and setting wax because they will be replaced by my new version of hairbrush. I would also patent the object to make sure that it will not be copied.
The element of my blog that served as the source of my inspiration are design, format & customization of own blog. I will have the design of the product to be attractive and will customize it according to the target market’s needs. Read More
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