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Questiona and Answer - Essay Example

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A book illustration is not just a simple drawing that is conjured simply out of the artist’s will, nor is it the monopoly of thoughts of the illustrator and how he understands the manuscript. It is rather quite an elaborate process to produce something that will aid the reader…
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Questiona and Answer
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"Questiona and Answer"

Download file to see previous pages Illustrators also often resort to research in the early stages of the illustrative process. They usually do background research of the elements involved in the story and deeply understand them in order to better tell the story in picture. The next procedure would be the storyboards, design and layout, where the illustrator arranges the sequence and the blending of the text and the illustrations in order to have the most potent story-telling effect and to highlight and emphasize certain parts where highlighting is needed.
Ansty & Bull (2000) noted that the illustrative process is rather full of interaction from many people along the way, and not only isolated to the illustrator. He consults among many individuals and are also critiqued and constructively evaluated by others before the final output is done. This step is essential especially with the involvement of an editor wherein he knows what might be good or what might be detrimental in the ultimate goal of the story, which is to sell.
Going back to the illustrator, it is important to consider how he views and is aware of his target audience for the illustrations. He must be sensitive to the orientation of the readers and on how he portrays them or how he expresses it to them in a manner appropriate.
1. The illustrative process is likened to the writing process because of the way it does not follow strict guidelines and sequences of stages in order to make the desired outcome, but they nonetheless adhere to the same overall process. Writing is the ability to articulate to share and influence the thoughts with others (The Writing Process, 2007), in like manner, illustrating is not so far off in that concept.
2. In writing a story board, first, one needs to consider the message that is the overall concept in the story. In this case, in the story of Cinderalla, it’s about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Questiona and Answer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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