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Online shopping - Research Paper Example

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There has been increasing changes in the manner businesses are planning and organizing the transportation of freight, which may include restructuring of stowage…
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Online shopping
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Extract of sample "Online shopping"

Download file to see previous pages mer premise, a major characteristic of online shopping provides a possibility of the transfer of customers shopping travels to a more effective products transportation that at the end has the possibility of producing constructive results on sustainability, use of land as well as mode of travel choices. The fact that online shopping is more popular in big towns and cities means that it will thus act as an incentive for the required changes in these cities that face the most obstacles for logistics (Cairns, 2005).
There is a lot of controversy regarding the effects of online shopping on road use and the overall changes in consumers travel habits and the impacts of the changes. Some studies indicate good or desirable effects on road use while others indicate negative results with a final group indicating net neutral results. However, a good number of this research indicate that with the increasing popularity and expansion of online shopping, coupled with the adoption of the necessary changes required then online shopping is going to be the solution for most of the transport challenges we experience in our towns and cities (Cairns, 2005).
In spite of transportation policy and regulations, online shopping continues to expand as more and more people accepts the system. Despite the fact that, business to business section dominates online shopping in terms of money value of all the completed transactions, the business to consumer section remains very vital for the possible effects on travel habits, patterns of land use, logistics in cities as well as the effects on sustainability. The highest level of efficiency in the use of roads and other transportation facilities is achievable through restructuring and reorganizing the transportation activities linked to business transactions (Hu and Saleh, 2005).
There is the need to find out how the changes in the manner of conducting online shopping will influence the efficiency and the overall contribution towards a more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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