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Juvenile delinquency and the family structure - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Such include establishing better means of handling the juvenile offenders as well as improving the support aimed at reaching out to the youths living…
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Juvenile delinquency and the family structure
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Download file to see previous pages They agree that enhancement of joint effort in support towards youths are at risk between military and civilian schools, courts and other children and family support programs so as to ensure harmony in the activities. Juvenile offenders need to be incorporated into community services that work in collaboration with youth empowerment groups.
The article views military families as being under constant stress despite being resilient in some occasions. The stress levels arise due to deployments, disabilities during the service and deaths that arise during military operations. The author established that teenagers in military families tend to have their needs go unmet as well as overlooked by both the legal and social organizations. The teens are overlooked because they are viewed as young adults who are able to take care of heir own issues especially when their parents have been deployed in other war-torn countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.
Moini, J. S., Zellman, G., Gates, S. M., National Defense Research Institute (U.S.), Rand Corporation., & United States. (2006). Providing child care to military families: The role of the demand formula in defining need and informing policy. Santa Monica, CA: RAND.
The author described teenagers in military families as being challenged in their upbringing due to the absenteeism by their parents who stay away from them for a long period of time. He elaborated on the various challenges that the teens in military families are likely to face some of which are similar to those from civilian families. Some of those challenges includes learning difficulties, emotional problems, neglect violence during dating and abuse which leads them into delinquency and antisocial activities.
The author seeks to explain the real meaning of juvenile delinquency in this book. He defined juvenile delinquency as the action by which people who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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