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Lesson I had learned in my life - Essay Example

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If anything, they looked back and smiled because they believed that their past was what made their present stronger and stronger. I conquered this…
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Lesson I had learned in my life
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, I was aware of the fact that having a positive attitude in life was more important than what had happened to me in the past in terms of social life, education, money and other aspects of life that affected me directly. Moreover, I had learnt that it was not easy neither practical to control and / or change the actions of people on diverse settings in life. In respect to this, I had to understand what I needed in life and my purpose of being in the world. Most of the times, my mind was tempted to think that my main course in this world was to have a good education, a well-paying job, get married, and live happily there afterwards.
True to this, I had to act on my attitude by building a life that was successful and full of happiness. As such, I had ought to improve my attitude towards myself and towards life every other day and ensure that my entire life was surrounded by positive attitudes despite situation that tended to bring up negativity. With time, I anticipated that the sum of these positive moments would assist me build a life that was successful.
Just like a philosopher once said that a long journey begins with a single step, I was willing to turn the tables around just for my sake. I was quite conversant with my past life that was made up of numerous wrongs that had culminated to regrets and regrets. Nevertheless, I refused the past to determine my future, because if that happened I would be subjected to my previous attitude that would have likely led me nowhere in life, but rather made me an individual of circumstances. In the same way, I would be compelled to think that I was in control of what other people did in life, particularly towards me, which was not the case.
In a general sense, my lesson was clear. My life had no limits and I was at liberty of living it as I pleased. By this, I meant that, I had let my past go and thus had no regrets ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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