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Sport Psychology - Essay Example

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This affects their ability to consistently participate in the sport and achieve their dreams and full potential, a situation that affects…
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Sport Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages Sports injury is common in different sports and athletic events across the world and these affect the performance of the sports individuals. Self-esteem and other psychological factors like stress are also associated with injury during training and competition in different sports. This paper will evaluate the relationship between sports psychology and injury in athletes and sports person in different competitive sports (Lockhart, Merrill & Bird, 2002).
The occurrence of sport injuries are common in athletes and other sports personalities and this is associated with the occurrence of acute trauma or the over reliance on a certain body part. These injuries vary and are associated with simple bruises, acute strains that affect effective muscle coordination, sprains which results from excessive straining of the ligaments and serious wounds caused by major collisions. The management of these injuries is essential in the training and effective performance of athletes and it enhances the mental wellbeing of sports individuals. A number of theoretical approaches have been developed that highlights the psychological approaches to sports injury and these demonstrates the benefits of effective management and care of athletes during training and after injury (Hamson-Utley, Martin & Walters, 2008).
Injury in most instances is associated with physical events that are beyond the control of the athlete and which are extremely impulsive for them to avoid. However, psychologists have associated sports injury with a number of psychological events which affects their concentration and increases the proneness to injury. The factors can be classified into personal factors, emotional conditions and stressful events which affect the mental and physical coordination during training and competition. Personal factors have been associated with increased intro and extroversion which affects the self-esteem of individuals during competition and training. Training environments ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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