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The Government should shouldn't provide free university education for everyone - Essay Example

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Education is not something that only the elite can have but must be had by all. Just like food, clothing and shelter, education is also a need…
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The Government should shouldnt provide free university education for everyone
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Extract of sample "The Government should shouldn't provide free university education for everyone"

Download file to see previous pages Education also empowers an individual to become functional in society, to become socially mobile and to be able to contribute to the greater good of society. An ignorant person who knows nothing cannot contribute to society because he or she lacks the knowledge and skills to become productive.
Finally, education is a ticket towards success. A degree may not be necessary but a good education is a ticket towards success especially in today’s knowledge base economy. An ignorant person could never succeed today because everything today is based on knowledge and skills. He or she could never find a job or start a business when he or she is ignorant.
It also serves the government well when education becomes a right and universal. It will have an educated and highly skilled workforce that could create or work for an industry that could generate revenue for the government. People are also more civilized because they are educated and therefore create a more humane society and ultimately, government contributes to the betterment of human race by making education a right and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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