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Safety Culture in Saudi Arabia - Research Proposal Example

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Safety culture relates to the recognition of individual responsibilities in regard to the establishment of a safe and secure working environment. Moreover, it deals with the removal of possible…
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Safety Culture in Saudi Arabia
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"Safety Culture in Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages Hence safety culture is the establishment of a safe and secure environment on the national, organizational and individual level (Taylor, 2012). This paper aims to deal with the safety culture in Saudi Arabia i.e. how we can teach it to the general public and what is it importance. In order to conduct this research a sample population has been constructed including people from different professions.
Cultural safety is defined as the continuous process of creating value within a community. It revolves around the concept of ensuring safe working environment through setting different priorities. Fundamentally it relates to the level each individual is ready to accept the personal responsibilities in order to act safely while leading other also into the secure surroundings. This extensively involves communicating the security measures either through teaching or public awareness. Moreover, learning from past mistakes and making a clear reflection on previous accidents also helps. It includes medical safety, social security, health concerns of employees and the various hazardous impacts of government operations (Roughton, 2002). Teaching the safety culture in Saudi Arabia is particularly important because the country is developing with an astonishing rate. People are becoming more and more aware of their international value while on the other hand it also has a significant rate of tourism. Additionally, the religious beliefs prevailing in the country cannot be neglected while formulating a safety teaching plan. This further relates to different Saudi customs and traditions. Hence the teachers must have to maintain an open mind in this regard so as to establish a safety culture across the country (Cherry, 2013).
In order to device a safety teaching plan for Saudi Arabia it is important to first understand the brief history of the country while ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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