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The Saudi Arabian culture exhibits its commitment to protecting women from any form of harm. The culture has not accorded women the…
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Business Communication - Letter
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Vice President of Public Relations Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd- Toyota HO KSA Prince Majed Street Al Safa District Midan Al Tayara Area 248 Saudi Arabia
Dr. Bandar al-‘Iban
Human Rights Commission
King Fahd Road, Building no. 373
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
26th June 2015
Dear Sir/ Madam
As a company, we understand the fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a strong culture and strongly believes in its religious and moral values. The Saudi Arabian culture exhibits its commitment to protecting women from any form of harm. The culture has not accorded women the freedom to drive, as is the case in other countries. As a company, we respect the religion of the Saudi Arabia people and accord the deserved respect to the people’s culture. However, it has become clear that the Saudi Arabian women are seeking the freedom to drive. In an era when governments and societies are giving more attention to human rights, there is a salient need for a reconsideration of some cultural aspects. It is possible to allow women to drive while placing other measures of ensuring that they preserve their dignity and that they remain safe.
We are well aware of the sensitivity of the matter at hand. However, societies do not undergo a change in a single day. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needs adequate time for it to undergo social and political changes that would give women more freedom. As a company, we understand the commitment of the Saudi Human Rights Commission in ensuring that women in this country get an opportunity to enjoy their human rights freely. However, we also recognize that there are relevant procedures and platforms that need to exist for the recognition of any visible social change. We hope that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can reconsider its position and allow women to drive while still protecting their dignity and safety. Therefore, all the stakeholders involved should critically discuss the issue at hand and develop a viable solution.
As a company, we remain respectful of the culture and religion of the people. However, we recognize that the society needs to embrace change and allow women more freedom to do things such as driving. Read More
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Business Communication - Letter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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