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She talks about the people that she does not know or has never seen. Jones’ song emphasizes how much she talks and makes the singer worried “to death” and makes him…
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Songs Joe Jones wrote his song You Talk Too Much about a girl who talks too much about other people all the time. She talks about the people that she does not know or has never seen. Jones’ song emphasizes how much she talks and makes the singer worried “to death” and makes him scream. The repetition and the prolonged vocals containing the word “talk” demonstrates that the singer is trying to stress on the fact that she talks too much about things that do not matter her.
Valerie Carr another singer sung I Talked Too Much in an answer to Jones’ song saying that Jones complains about her talking too much but in fact she is never heard. The lyrics say that she should have been heard because she was talking about valid things. In response to Jones’ lines that she worries him “to death” she says that he likes listening to her and that she does not in any way “worry him to death”. And that now Jones cannot tell his friends about it because the relationship ends there.
The song You Talk Too Much uses orchestral instruments including the brass instrument trumpet and the percussion instrument drum. Throughout the song the use of instruments like drum and trumpet remains quite pronounced. The dominant feature in Carr’s song I Talked Too Much is the use of brass instrument and piano. This masks the sound of the drums which is kept soft and relatively subtle. Both songs make use of orchestral instruments including brass instruments and drums.
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