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Understanding organisations and leadership - Essay Example

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Sustainable balance is achieved through balancing the equilibrium between opposing forces (Gilpin & Murphy 2008). This calls for a renewing of internally opposing forces and…
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Extract of sample "Understanding organisations and leadership"

Download file to see previous pages This paper aims at discussing the acceptability, functional and structural aspects that make organic organizations preferable over mechanistic organizations. In paper is structured into different sections that analyze formalism, leadership, competitiveness, and organizational environment of the organizations.
Organic organizations have a tendency to evolve (Alvesson & Spicer 2011). This is driven by progressive forces and aims at creating sub organizations and individuals fit for new organizational environment. . However, complex organizations are offering alternative management style in which the leadership creates an environment in which stakeholders can participate equally and constructively (Coghlan 2006). The tensions in linear organizations exist (Stringer 2002). The form verses function tension is in existence. However, organic fashion is not perceived to be the absolute solution to the bureaucratic failures of mechanistic organizations.
The role played by the organic management concept introduces a strategy that makes maximum use of organizational resources (Stahl et al 2012). Progressive forces are meant to achieve the long-term interests of the organic organizations. This optimizes the long-term gains. The Riggs’s model suggests a relook into formality, centralization and ritual in organizational management. Formalism refers to the extent of congruence between realities and norms (Argyris 2010). It also describes the level of discrepancy between formal prescriptions and effective practices. However, formalism is said to be propagated by inadequate pressure in running program objectives. Formalism perceives social power to be weak when it comes to guiding bureaucratic performance (Morrill 2007). This system of organizational management states that nonlinear organization is a form of arbitrary administration. This concept suggests that changing laws has little or no impact to effective behavioral change in organizations (Noe & Noe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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