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It is vital to note down that, cases based on murder or rapes are highly sensitive and need to be thoroughly investigated before a judgment is concluded (Omer, 1). A significant number of murder or rape culprits have ended up in jail while others have gotten second a chance to…
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Download file to see previous pages Firstly, the aim of this decision is to ensure that the law practices fairness to both parties. That is, since the victim has been deprived of his or her ample life, then the fairest act to sentence the culprit to a lifetime imprisonment.
Secondly, decision is motivated by the notion of ensuring that, any other Juvenile with a plan to commit murder will be totally warned and discouraged from performing such a heinous act. Whenever one intends to commit a sin and sees the punishments a fellow sinner is going through, then, there are great chances that he or she will drop the heinous intentions.
Finally and yet importantly, the decision is driven by the idea of ensuring that murder cases are given significantly heavy weight. Sentencing a murderer into lifetime imprisonment despite a culprit’s age sends a clear message to the public that the act of murder is completely intolerable in all aspects of life.
Right from the post’s outset, it is sincerely clear that the subject of intentionally killing another person is matter where a second chance to the culprit is something next to impossibility. In essence, it is considerably important to make it clear that I agree with the post. That is, I support the idea that young murderers should be sentenced into lifetime imprisonment.
Psychologically, at the very early age of a human beings development, one of the key lessons that get into one’s brain is that some things are harmful. In fact, at that early age, one automatically learns most of the activities or issues that can make him or another feel lightly or severely injured.
At the juvenile age (seventeen years and below), it is essential to note that a young person clearly knows what he or she does. That is, before he gets to commit a murder, the first thing is that he understands that a gun shot or any other killing method will lead to causing great injuries (even death) to an individual. Therefore, even a young murderer sincerely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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