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Listening to children and young people - Essay Example

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Listening is defined as an active activity that involves effective and accurate receiving, making sense of, and perceiving pieces of information with a mind set of sometimes responding i.e. to Looked-After children and young people. The term listening can also be defined as the…
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Listening to children and young people
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Extract of sample "Listening to children and young people"

Download file to see previous pages Children who are capable of forming their own views have a right to receive and make known information they have through being attentively listened to, to effectively express their opinions, and to have those opinions taken into account in whatever matters affecting them. All views of the children ought to be given due weight in accordance to the age, maturity and capability of the children.
According to Committee on the Rights of the Child (2009), all children with special education requirements are supposed to have a say in the roles of decision making in regards to their special education needs.
Listening to the children and young ones do have very important concepts to be considered. Whoever interacts with children and young people should actually consider ensuring that they are able to benefit by growing up or developing uprightly. Through listening, adults are able to emphasize well with children by understanding the children’s inimitable thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Hence, there is creation of a child’s focused culture on communication.
Effectively engaging with children and young people is very essential to Child, Youth and Family (CYF)’s task in supporting all families and adequately protecting children. By being in a position to understand the perspective of any child or young person is important in completing the assessment and development interventions. Demonstration of genuine interest in children or young people’s viewpoint, having a thorough understanding of the child/ young people’s personal development, and appreciating the environmental conditions which aid good communication with children, are so fundamental in genuine consultation and active inclusion of children in the decision making process.
By ensuring that one is able to listen and try to understand children and the young people, he/she can help the child to develop the perceptions that they can be have some trust on you and come to you in case of anything to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Listening to Children and Young People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Listening to Children and Young People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
“Listening to Children and Young People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words”, n.d.
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