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SAGE analysis in six major issues in youth sports - Essay Example

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In this document, there will be provision of the SAGE Sequence for ethical decision making in management for each of the issues presented in youth sports. (Sage)The goal of this project will…
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SAGE analysis in six major issues in youth sports
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Download file to see previous pages It will mainly discuss how these issues are generated and why it becomes a conflict for society. (Smith, Smoll and Ptacek)These areas include;
In spite of the above mentioned problems, the youth sports program is focused and determined to do a great deal of good for families and children in the area. The first thing they have done in order to counter this issues is the mare fact of acknowledging that this issues do exist and everybody in the youth sport fraternity has to confront these problems. (Houlihan)The other strategy is to understand the important role the youth sports play in the society, and identify and understand the powerful psychological pressure these sports exert on families, children, and the community.
Sport is a freely or a voluntarily chosen activity, that is governed by rules activities that involve competition and physical challenging in a mutual challenge to achieve a goal or excellence. Participants are required to abide by the rules of the sport, and produce excellent results at the end. (Richard Thorpe)Some rules may be manipulated and changed to fit new conditions of the game, or due to introduction of better ways of officiating the sport so as to keep the game challenging, and in a way keep and promote fair play within the bounds of decency as far as the game is concerned. This whole idea of physical challenge and excellence in terms of results leads to a number of issues.
Ethics issues are defined as conflicts of rights and responsibilities, conflicts of preferred consequences or conflicts of values. (Houlihan)In sports, they are known as sports ethics issues which mostly arise from sports related moral conflicts. Generally, ethics is the study of values theories and principles that are invoked so as to justify one’s choice over another. Ethical theories display categories of moral relativism and moral absolutism beliefs in explaining the world. (Catherine Marshall)Management may be defined as the operation and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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