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Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Mike and Smith write the journal based on research on 25 primary schools. From their research, they discovered that many factors caused bullying in schools and among the major causes is…
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Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth
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Extract of sample "Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth"

Download file to see previous pages The source is bias free since it discusses the pros and cons of martial art on bullying. The information from this source will provide information that will support my arguments during the research.
Maekoya, Dussich J. P. and. "Physical Child Harm And Bullying Related Behaviors: A Comparative Study In Japan, South Africa, And The United States." International Journal Of Offender Therapy And Comparative Criminology 51 (2007): 495-509.
The journal is written based on research done in South Africa USA and Japan. The aim of the writers is to evaluate the behavior of different students on bullying. The source is reliable since the conclusions are many researches and hence the probability of accuracy is high. The research focuses on how martial art skills can help prevent children from being bullied and also prevent them from bullying others. The research concludes that martial art education is only positive when training is done based on the traditional theories and concepts. The research argues that martial art can be as a way of controlling the rates of bullying among the youths. The source has reliable information since the accuracy level of its assumptions is high.
The journal is available in the university library and online. The author is a psychology specialist, and he discusses the psychological effect that martial art has on children. He says the effect of martial art on a child depends on the perception they are made to have. He compares the martial experts of the past and those of the current day and makes a conclusion that perception of martial art is important in dictating the kind of effects it has on children. From his research, he finds out that different children view martial art differently, some use it for self-defense while others view it as a tool to exploit others. He accentuates on the need to have the correct perception for martial art. The information provided will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth Annotated Bibliography.
“Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth Annotated Bibliography”, n.d.
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