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Future of education - Essay Example

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The future of education concurs in our mind images of each and every student having Tablet devices in their hands and video conferencing with teachers. This however, may not be too far away from the truth. The future of education does indeed hold more advancement in terms of…
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Future of education
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Download file to see previous pages Social structured learning tries to adjust new technologies in our old social structures which enable us to adapt them more rapidly. This is an era of smart phones and everybody is familiar with the term ‘app’ so with this concept of social structured learning we can incorporate future education techniques into this already established technology. To quote an example UCLA and USC’s app HyperCitites is a personification of this type of learning; suppose you’re roaming around town and you spot a building by pointing your phone at that building this app would show you its entire history i.e. who lived here before, when was it constructed, how it looked like a century ago and what the environment was like. This type of learning enables students to learn faster as they are already such types to apps to access information of their choice i.e. the nearest restaurants and theaters.
The market for mobile education is growing at rapid rate and is currently worth $3.4 billion (GSMA, 2012). But despite this rage of adopting mobile education techniques the main trend in the future of education is the shifting roles of teachers and students. The main advancement will be from the teacher in classroom centric model to the world being the students’ class. Students will use the technology they are most equipped with and learn at their own pace hence, adapting to their strengths and weaknesses. The coming revolution in the world of education is the entire remaking of the teacher-student-classroom model.
Instead of the conventional way in which the teacher stands at the front of the classroom and lectures the students, the teacher would keep an eye on the progress of students while assisting those students who need any further guidance on an ad-hoc basis. These way teachers would be able to give time to students who want to do something advanced while also having ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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