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E-journal - Essay Example

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These include dynamics, duration, pitch, tone, colour and structure. I also learned how to manage a classroom during a music lesson using the CREATIVE management procedures.
I have learned that…
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Extract of sample "E-journal"

Download file to see previous pages I learnt that the instruction also should create safe and eye catching environment as this will allow for positive attitudes from children and result in productive learning. Well-planned and interactive lessons result in more student engagement; therefore “engagement in a quality music programs helps students… develops both fine and gross motor skills” (Russell-Bowie, 2012, p.46). Thus, the range of different activities and using a variety of resources will allow children to stay engaged and develop. I also learned that the way the teacher communicates with students is very important due to the fact that if a teacher communicates in an effective way and provides clear instructions the lesson will be able to run smoothly. Therefore, the lecture was very useful for me as it allowed me to gain management ideas, which I can implement in my classroom.
Through the tutorial that was prepared, I learnt much about the music. During the music tutorial we worked in a group and chose instruments to represent sound in a story or poem. It allowed me to understand the different moods instruments can create. Our group had the poem ‘Will we ever see?’ by Georgia Heard and I was able to learn the different sounds music can make and the mood they create. I find this activity to be very interesting in the classroom as it allows the children to understand the sound of different instruments, working as a group. Therefore, the tutorial demonstrated to the class the different sound effects from instruments. Application of the rhythm sticks made it clear how to read the rhythm cards as we were taping the sticks to the beat and this allowed our group to understand how to play eight rhythm beats. This will be a great idea to implement in the classroom as through the rhythm children can understand meaning of duration. Working in big groups and small groups allowed us to gain a deeper understanding on how to engage a whole class using instruments, flash ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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E-Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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