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It was built in 1904 and is located in Newark, New Jersey. The designer was Gilbert Cass the chief architect behind the U.S. Supreme Court which was opened in 1907. Made of marble and…
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Download file to see previous pages It is considered as the largest and busiest trial court in New Jersey serving a population of 798,301 citizens of Essex County living in the vicinity in an area of 127.44 square miles (Bentley 45-7).
The Essex Courthouse underwent a total rehabilitation worth $49 million and this step saw its recognition for the award of Donald T. Dust Recognition in 2005. This was the highest honor from the Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee. The Donald T. Dust Recognition Award was named after the founder of the committee, the late Donald T. Dust. The award is given for “outstanding efforts towards the preservation of the historic landmarks in the City of Newark.” The Historic courthouse was praised for having excelled in its restoration on an ambitious project carried out by any government level.
Apart from the aforementioned award, the court house also received three other awards; the North Jersey Chapter of the Victorian Society’s local preservation award, New Jersey Historical Sites Council preservation award and the national preservation award which was received from the Victorian Society in America.
A work of art by itself, the courthouse boasts of a variety of treasures of art, beautiful sculptures and paintings works done by some of most renowned American artists of the twentieth century. They beautifully capture the meaning and insight of American Law and this promotes the worthiness of the place making it a place to visit for any tourist (Dow, George, and Mary 101).
The Essex County Courthouse is made up of colonial history architectural structures. It has helped the entire county to be designated as the Essex National Heritage Area by the National Park Service. Areas surrounding the County Courthouse have been preserved due to their significance nationally, acting as tourist attraction sites and by extension earning the county with lots of revenues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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