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The CAP and EU Enlargement: Prospects for an Alternative Strategy to Avoid the Lock-in of CAP Support - Essay Example

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The policy represents a system in the European Union that is commonly used for the setting of prices. This revolves around the farm products that are produced and also the policy is concerned with limiting the amounts that…
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The CAP and EU Enlargement: Prospects for an Alternative Strategy to Avoid the Lock-in of CAP Support
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Extract of sample "The CAP and EU Enlargement: Prospects for an Alternative Strategy to Avoid the Lock-in of CAP Support"

Download file to see previous pages hat occurred between the members of the European Union that would help farmers by protecting them in the European Union countries (Ackrill, 78, 2000). Protection as indicated would mean that the agreement was to help by paying the subsidies that would in turn help fix the farm prices of the products produced in the farm. Since the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is also defined as the framework under which farmers operate under, it is responsible for setting out a range of activities and aspects in the farming sector, the environmental sector and the rural development. It is also concerned with the activity of controlling the European Union’s agricultural markets. When talking about the common agricultural policy, it can be defined also as the single largest common policy that exists across the European Union. The common policy was drafted as a way to curb the challenges that the farmers in the region were facing. When the challenges that faced the farmers were identified and seen that they could affect the future of the states, the policy was drafted.
The challenges, which included the need to have an increase in the food production in order to cater for the growing population of the world, and also reduce the damage to the environment that would lead to the effects of global warming, were to be dealt with accordingly in order to bring ensure that they did not affect the future of the world. When the CAP was drafted, the main aim of the scheme was to augment yield in terms of the agriculture of the countries under the EU and thus this would ensure that there was a fair and perfect way for people to upgrade their standards of living as agricultural producers. The policy was also to help in the stabilization of markets (Lynggaard, 68, 2006). With this, it would ensure that there would be the ready market for products, and thus this would ensure that the agricultural farm products would get the ready market and thus would bring the returns. When farm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The CAP and EU Enlargement: Prospects for an Alternative Strategy to Essay)
The CAP and EU Enlargement: Prospects for an Alternative Strategy to Essay.
“The CAP and EU Enlargement: Prospects for an Alternative Strategy to Essay”, n.d.
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