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Cultural Artifcat - Essay Example

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The computer that will be embedded in our body will not big but rather just a chip that contains memory which is equivalent or more than our typical hard drives of one to two terabytes. The chip can be…
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Cultural Artifcat
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Extract of sample "Cultural Artifcat"

Please draw a computer chip Sign/Signifier (2) Ideology (3) Hegemony (4) False Consciousness (5) Interpolation (6) the word"the subject"
I. Description of an artificact
The chosen artifact as the subject is an imbedded computer in our body. The computer that will be embedded in our body will not big but rather just a chip that contains memory which is equivalent or more than our typical hard drives of one to two terabytes. The chip can be interpolated in our hand (because it is so small) which has a built in blue tooth or any facility that will let it upload and download data wirelessly and even if it is under the skin. It can also serve as our security database for anything that would require bar codes either for data security or for paying transactions. It is convenient, hassle free and very enabling because we have tons of information within us.
Putting or embedding it in our body is also safe. It could be injected within us and could also be retrieved easily because it is small. It will work because if the pacemaker that is big could fit into a human’s heart, how much more a microchip that will just be embedded in our skin.
It will be just a matter of time before such technology will happen because recent development in technology is running on the technological ideology of making computers smaller and smaller. Recent signs are the miniaturization of computers are PC’s reduction to laptops to tablets and it will not be long until it will be reduced to just a microchip.
II. Analysis of the cultural artifact
It is expected that such artifact may received with resistance because the idea is revolutionary and unusual. Less informed people may have the false consciousness that we are “robotizing” people by embedding chip into them. It is also anticipated however that over time, such fears will be allayed by the benefits of the new technology and that it will be eventually accepted.
For us students, such cultural artifact is a very powerful and an enabling tool because the amount of information we could carry could be used in our studies. Imagine each student has a library at his or her disposal and all he or she needs is a computer, laptop or tablet to download the information within his or her body. The same is true if such student would like to upload information that would be needed in the future. It is not only convenient but could also cost effective because the storage can be carried anywhere. Also, student’s will no longer have excuses that they forgot to bring their books, assignments or whatever information related requirement in school because their body could already carry it. It only means that if they did not bring the requirement, they did not do it.
Life will also become easier and safer. We no longer have to remember tons of passwords that we have to change everytime for fear of theft. Our body is already the security identification and we no longer have to remember usernames and passwords nor we are going to need them. We no longer have to carry cash anymore and that would be safer for everybody because would be robbers would be discouraged thinking that nobody is carrying money anymore. Instead transactions will be done through the chip because it is convenient and safe. This cultural artifact could make a lot of technology obsolete but this would make our lives a lot better. Read More
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Cultural Artifcat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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