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The Connection between Human and Technologies - Assignment Example

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This paper “The Connection between Human and Technologies” is aimed to uncover the arguable issue of being a human in a futuristic world of technologies, how the definition of human changes with the introduction of cyber technologies in the people’s everyday lives…
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Extract of sample "The Connection between Human and Technologies"

Download file to see previous pages “The era of molecular biology was marked near its beginning by the triumphalism attending the discovery of the double helix and by the seemingly unstoppable ascendancy of the mechanistic view of organisms” (Technology and Human Responsibility).

The main character of the book (his name is Case) is a “console cowboy” who has been living and working in cyberspace (matrix) until he lost his job. Since then he takes drugs and miserably wastes the time. In his world people are not treated as body + mind, their personality exists only within the matrix. Case says about himself and the girl he liked: “All the meat and all it wants” (Gibson, 1986). This phrase may sound just a rude interpretation of human lust, but while trying to deepen into this world we are able to see that the perception of a human as a “meat” is real. Their reality is based on different principles from our one, so we cannot really put them on the one line and compare them as they are; I think we should look closer on what is a person in the cyber-world. So having done this we see that the body doesn’t play an important role anymore, only the power of the neuro-system and the human brain carry a true value. Nevertheless, if we make an attempt to compare the modern understanding of a human and the one from the imagined future of the Neuromancer we will obviously find a lot of differences. Nowadays the human being is a complicated system of different biological and psychological processes that work in accord with the body. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Connection between Human and Technologies Assignment.
(The Connection Between Human and Technologies Assignment)
The Connection Between Human and Technologies Assignment.
“The Connection Between Human and Technologies Assignment”.
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