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Real Time Embedded Systems - Assignment Example

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This paper outlines that in general, an embedded system is a hardware programmed for a specific task. It performs tasks at much lower cost than normal computers and as per real-time constraints. The functions, pertaining to the system do not require much speed. …
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Real Time Embedded Systems
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Download file to see previous pages Debugging is also the function of the simulator.
Deadlocks are considered to be computer bugs. They are more prevalent in ‘concurrent programming’. At the outset, it is necessary to investigate the ways to exhibit deadlocks. This is very important, especially in testing. It is to be ensured that multi-threaded programs do not get into deadlocks. While trying to solve deadlocks, it is to be taken care that no mistake occurs; otherwise fresh deadlocks will emerge.
A deadlock SURFACES because more than one thread waits on each other forming a cycle. This prevents each of them from making any progress. Sometimes it is deliberately introduced by the programmer to avoid race conditions. An example is acquiring locks in an incorrect order. This will cause more threads to wait for each other. This is due to wrong use of synchronization primitives. When locking constructs are not adopted, it will create the deadlock. It can also occur in any kind of circular wait.
Deadlock-free execution of concurrent programs is indeed difficult, but it is important as multi-core processors force software developers to do applications simultaneously. But there are ways to control the execution of software to avoid deadlocks. The methodology adopted is based on Petri nets. To guarantee deadlock-free operation feedback controllers for concurrent programs are synthesized based on place variants. The controllers are then implemented online.
For successful development of the software industry, especially in the case of an embedded system, it is essential to manage the evolution of a system. They are not stand alone or closed systems. They have to interact with various devices in the network, where every application needs a different software version. Software updates are needed for changes in the hardware, additional user requirements and new system and software architecture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Real Time Embedded Systems Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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