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Qualitative Research Proposal - Essay Example

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My proposed research seeks to explore the association between drug abuse and domestic violence with the aim of ascertaining significance of drug abuse as a factor to domestic violence. This is because existing information on the association are contradictory and therefore…
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Qualitative Research Proposal
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Extract of sample "Qualitative Research Proposal"

Download file to see previous pages The employees will be informed of the scope of the research and their consent sought before sampling 137 participants through stratified random sampling. Data will be analyzed by the researcher’s rationale before coding and application of SPSS software for descriptive statistics and comparisons. Application of the software reduces probability of bias. Ethical issues such as nonmalefecence, beneficence, justice, autonomy, and fidelity are expected to arise during the research process and measures have been taken to observe the ethical principles.
‘Effects of drug abuse on domestic violence’ is my topic of interest. The topic’s independent variable is consumption of drugs and is measurable on two scales, consumption, or non-consumption of drugs, and participants’ level of consumption of drugs. The dependent variable is experienced domestic violence with the drug users as victims or perpetrators of the violence. The proposed research aims at ascertaining an assumption of a relationship between drug abuse and domestic violence and the extent to which consumption of the substances contribute to the violence.
The relationship between drug abuse and domestic violence has been widely explored for possible solutions. It has for example been established that victims of drug abuse have violent behaviors that they express in their domestic set ups. A research to investigate existence a relationship between drug abuse, violence, and suicide reported history of violent behavior, which can manifest in homes, among a significant percentage of drug addicts, about 75 percent. This indicates that substance abuse is a major factor to domestic violence (Ilgen and Kleinberg, 2011). Drug addicts with violent behaviors in domestic set ups however restrain from the behavior upon rehabilitation but resumes violence when they relapse to substance abuse. This is according to a research that investigated the relationship between relapse to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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