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Action #3 - Assignment Example

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Send a note/letter/formal email to someone who has greatly impacted your life. Tell me about the nature of the relationship you have with this person and the form of correspondence you chose for the delivery. Include a segment of the text of the letter within this…
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Action Assignment#3
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Extract of sample "Action #3"

Action Assignment #3 Send a letter/formal email to someone who has greatly impacted your life. Tell me about the nature of the relationship you have with this person and the form of correspondence you chose for the delivery. Include a segment of the text of the letter within this assignment.
Dear Father,
I hope you have been doing well. How is your health? I am enjoying my time here in the United States and everything is going on well. I cannot complain.
Father, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you for everything that you have done for me. I know it was a struggle in the beginning to make it happen but it all became a reality. That is a sacrifice that I know I cannot give fully but I can at least give something back to you one day.
I appreciate the support and encouragement that you have given and shown to me throughout my studies and I am truly grateful for that. The University here is great and I am learning a great deal in my classes. Thank you for always being there for me, and I promise to do my best to make my life better and also help you back at home. That is what I pray for and i will make it happen for us. My regards to you father.
2. As a leader, what would it feel like to receive a letter like this from someone you have impacted? Why do you think it is important to share these kinds of words through written communication?
As a leader, if I was to receive this kind of letter I would be privileged and thankful to know that I helped someone to a point where they could be able to help themselves. I would be privileged to have impacted someone in their lives and to see them progress well.
Written communication is important because it has a touching and lasting impact for both parties. Written communication tends to be a primary source that someone can use to speak what is deeply rooted in their heart. It exposes what we feel to the receiving party.
From a professional perspective, written communication acts as a reference for the future. It also shows professionalism in the subject matter.
3. Create a concise (200-300 words) elevator/introduction statement that you can utilize in a variety of leadership situations (networking, interviews, etc.). Make sure to personalize your statement so that you connect most effectively with the individual you are networking with during that time. Remember, your elevator statement is a representation of your professional presence and "brand."

My name is Mram. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. I have worked in an administrative position at the New Horizons educational institution. This position motivated me to want and accept a scholarship to study for my master’s degree in leadership at the University in the United States.
During my work period at New Horizon’s educational institution, I managed to gain a lot of hands on experience and practical leadership skills that improved my administrative leadership gear. At the same point in time I also managed to work extra hours just to ensure that my work outcome was top level with the stated organizational policies.
Regardless of all this involvement at the institution, I still had time for myself to improve on my people skills that have helped me communicate better with my colleagues.
I know and firmly believe that my study skills and experiences in my previous work environment have sharpened and prepared me and they will certainly catapult me to achieve my ultimate goal in the future of becoming the Director of Schools.
Finally, I am planning to make an impact in the institution that I will be a part of with the leadership and communication skills that I have gained in my previous experience. I have the motivation, potential and positive insight to make it work. All I need is a chance to prove my worth. Read More
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Action Assignment#3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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