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WORKSHEET 1: Architecture on Campus - Essay Example

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This can be seen most clearly in buildings like Old Main, built in 1889 under the guidance of Architect C. L. Thompson.
The campus architecture reflects the 100 or…
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WORKSHEET 1: Architecture on Campus
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Extract of sample "WORKSHEET 1: Architecture on Campus"

24 February Worksheet Architecture on Campus Which of those architectural styles that we discussed in class are represented on campus?
The primary style of architecture represented on the campus of Utah State University is Gothic, or campus Gothic. This can be seen most clearly in buildings like Old Main, built in 1889 under the guidance of Architect C. L. Thompson.
2. How does the campus architecture reflect the 100 or so years that the university has been in existence?
The campus architecture reflects the 100 or so years that the university has been in existence by the fact that the buildings themselves were designed and built in the predominant style during the time in which their existence was determined to be a necessity.
3. Which building do you think works most well to serve the function it is designed for?
The building that now houses the public relations department for Utah State University was originally designed and used as the campus agricultural experimental station. It was used for its original intended purpose from the time that it was built, in 1890 all the way through 1956; it has since been used by the Information News Services departments and now by the Public relations department of the University. Due to the amount of time that the building itself was used for its original intended purpose, I believe this building worked the best to serve its original function; most of the other buildings on the campus itself have been used for far more than their original purpose, while this one held true to its original purpose the longest.
4. What building on campus is your favorite and why? Consider aesthetics, style, function, accessibility etc. in your answer.
My favorite building on campus is what is now known as the David B. Haight Alumni Center, originally used as a model farm house, and later used as the President’s home prior to becoming the alumni center. At 10,507 square feet, it is far larger than a typical house, which usually falls between 1,500 and 2,300 square feet, but in spite of its size, it still looks quite homey. Its original purpose was to be a model farm house, and later used as an actual home, offering testament to its original purpose. It is a moderately accessible building, located on the southwest side of the campus, making it close enough to be accessible, but far enough away to not seem hedged in by the main buildings on campus. In addition, it was an absolutely beautiful home, and still is from the exterior, though with the changes from home to alumni center, it has lost some of that aspect.
5. What is the oldest building on campus and how does it reflect the original mission of the university?
Old Main is the oldest building on campus, built in 1889, a year before the agricultural experiment station and the model farm house. It was originally designed to be “The College Building” (Bouwhuis, 2002) and encompassed the entirety of the campus at the time, and was meant to serve as a beacon to those around, offering learning and enlightenment for those who wished to seek it. It was built atop the hill in Logan, and its tower could be seen for miles.
Work Cited/Work Referenced
Bouwhuis, Rob. "USU Historical Buildings." Utah State University. Utah State University, 2002. Web. 24 Feb. 2013. Read More
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WORKSHEET 1: Architecture on Campus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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