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Chapter 26: Loss, Death, and Dying in Late Life - Essay Example

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Despite all these most people are naive about the grip of the mystery of death. Losing loved ones mostly makes one feel lonely, lost and distressed. This leads to missing the…
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Chapter 26: Loss, Death, and Dying in Late Life
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Loss, Death, and Dying in Late Life [Insert [Insert [Insert Loss, Death, and Dying in Late Life
The thought of death upstages so many things from the needs of family, friends, nurses and doctors. Despite all these most people are naive about the grip of the mystery of death. Losing loved ones mostly makes one feel lonely, lost and distressed. This leads to missing the person dearly hence sometimes may affect somebody emotionally. Accepting the loss is one of the best things you can do but do not ignore the grief. Good care need to be given to the elderly so that they can take responsibility of their own health.
It looks quite grotesque as an aging person grisly speaks of the joy of sharing life experiences with loved ones. The brilliance of how they narrate their stories postulates the hope and true character of a person who is not reserved with the fact that life is ringing a death bell but the hope and faith that they possess is quite admirable. Well-built leadership at every level is essential. Everyone has a accountability for the delivery of high quality, compassionate care.
Most aging people have the coincidence of having to face so many diagnostic problems which render their lives qwuite4 unbearable for instance complications like adenocarcinoma of the lung,cancer, astearthritis,hypertension, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), hyperlipidemia and thrombocythemia and equally the menace of weight loss. Therefore commitment is key in the recovery process. To commit is to be responsible for the precise delivery of change and to apparent measurement and assessment for continuous improvement.
The effect of loss of loved once demoralizes the aging as the reality of death becomes more realistic. Given the fact that death is inevitable, loss is more often than not felt by those close to the befallen.The care given to those who are at the end of life commonly known as end of life care should be given the attention it deserves. An old person needs a lot of care for quite a number of days. This tends to make life a bit comfortable for the aging. Aging does not end the need for supportive care as this ensures that individualized care is provided in order to accord them the best quality of life possible.
Staying at home is more acceptable by the aging as this accords them the desired end of life care. This facilitates the ease with which family and friends come and go. Though it is emotionally, financially and physically challenging for most people to undertake care at home there are benefits since family members are in a position to stay closer to the aging and provide any personalized care needed.
Services from visiting nurses and proper equipment ought to be sought when the aging stay at home. It`s equally an overwhelming task to make health care decision meant for an aging person since he is no longer in a position to make his own decisions. Such kind of challenges pose a great problem to home care service providers.
When death beckons, an aging person becomes increasingly frail, it`s thus difficult to know since changes do occur slowly so it`s important that proper planning is done so as minimize any trauma that may arise afterwards. After death there is purely nothing that can be done so it`s rather important to prepare on the grieving process. Many people have minimal experience with those who are dying. Mostly death associated with the elderly is quick but expected therefore important choices ought to be made. This includes not being able to plan ahead and cooperating with all the stakeholders, may it be family members or friends so as to show care and love to the one you love. The pain of losing someone you love is minimized when you realize that you8 did what you could to help when they were alive.

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