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God's Word- What does the bible really teaches - Research Paper Example

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The main aim behind selecting the topic under consideration is the certainty and universality of the end of life, which is experienced by every human who…
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Gods Word- What does the bible really teaches
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Extract of sample "God's Word- What does the bible really teaches"

Download file to see previous pages The present paper looks for investigating into the phenomenon in the light of Christian teachings manifestly elucidated in the Scripture, along with explaining the same according to the traditions attributed to the Christian saints and scholars. The paper also aims to explain the meaning and status of death in Christian faith, which is the only way to meet their Creator as well as the holiest personalities and one’s forefathers had already entered in the world hereafter. The paper also explains in brief the difference in the concept of death in non-Christian faiths, and subject of incarnation according to death. The paper also elaborates the significance of death for the Christian community, and its changing status in the contemporary era.
Death serves as one of the bitterest realities of life due to the very fact all human beings including rich and poor, pious and wicked, strong and weak, black and white, and male and female have to taste it one day determined by the Lord. Consequently, no one is immortal altogether in the world except Lord God, the Creator of heavens and hell, Who has created day and night, and life and death. In the words of the Genesis (7:21): “and all flesh that stirred on earth perished – birds, cattle, beasts, and all the things that swarmed upon the earth, and all mankind.” Thus, the Holy Scripture ratifies the perishing of all the creatures existing on the earth including humans one appointed day, where humans will be reincarnated by the Lord on the Resurrection Day, and they will have to be answerable to what they had performed during their stay in the mortal world.
In addition, death is also considered as the darkest reality of life because it separates man from his parents, children, relations and friends forever and ever, where no one could hear the voice of the departed soul till he also embraced death one day to join the dead ones in the next world. Hence, the moment of death serves as the most painful and agonized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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