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Subject: Crime and Criminal Behavior / Paper Topic: Crimes against Persons - Assignment Example

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Current news articles on rape focused on the recent violent incidents that happened in New Delhi, where not only rape was perpetuated, but that the criminal behavior led to physical injuries and subsequent death of the victim. According to Harris (2013), a 23 year old student of…
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Subject: Crime and Criminal Behavior / Paper Topic: Crimes against Persons
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Extract of sample "Subject: Crime and Criminal Behavior / Paper Topic: Crimes against Persons"

Crimes Against Persons al Affiliation Crimes Against Persons Brief of the Crime Current news articles on rape focused onthe recent violent incidents that happened in New Delhi, where not only rape was perpetuated, but that the criminal behavior led to physical injuries and subsequent death of the victim. According to Harris (2013), a 23 year old student of physiotherapy was actually with a male friend who were then lured by five men to board a bus and was gang raped in the process (Harris, 2013). They were eventually robbed of their things and thrown out of the bus after the rape incident. As revealed, “as well as counts of murder, kidnapping and rape, the men face charges including voluntarily causing harm during a robbery, armed robbery with murder, and destruction of evidence” (Mullen & Kassim, 2013, par. 8).
Crime Statistics
On a global scale, the report by Soria (2012) disclosed that from among the countries in the world, and with date complied by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the country which exhibited the greatest numbers of rape is “Botswana (92.9), while the country with the lowest rate is Egypt (0.1)” (p. 1). However, an article written by Geiger (2012) in the Los Angeles Times statistics on rape tends to be controversial and complicated due to the fact that some victims do not want to report the ordeal. As such, it was noted that “at least 80% of all rapes go unreported – and they don’t take into account rapes in which the victim was intoxicated or otherwise unable to give consent” (Geiger, 2012, par. 10). It was actually revealed that in India, “gang rapes have become common in India, a country that some surveys suggest has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world. Rape complaints increased 25 percent between 2006 and 2011” (Harris, 2013, par. 5).
Motive for the Crime
As disclosed from the news, the men were apparently sourced from the ire on
contemporary developments and pursuits of Indian women, as stated: “the gang rape illustrated to some that “a certain class of men is deeply uncomfortable with women displaying their independence, receiving education and joining the work force. The gang rape becomes a form of subduing the women, collectively, and establishing their male superiority”” (Harris, 2013, par. 10).
Connection Between the Type of Crime and the Location of the Crime
The type of crime (rape with robbery and grave assault) was conducted in a bus at night. The female victim and her male companion were allegedly on their way home after watching a movie and somehow, were unsuspectingly lured and invited to be taken nearer their home.
Prevention Strategies
It is deeply disturbing that one could suggest strategies which could prevent these crimes; but apparently, despite measures being undertaken, they still continue to exist. From among the prevention strategies, the following are commonly known: (1) avoid going out at night; and if it could not be avoided, always have a couple of friends to tag along; (2) avoid talking to strangers or accepting any invitation to go anywhere, even if at the onset, it appears to be assisting towards one’s advantage; (3) never be too trusting; (4) always be aware that a female’s strength could be overpowered by men; (5) avoid dark or deserted places; and (6) enforce more stringent laws which aim to detract perpetuators from even reflecting on doing this crime.
Due to the gravity and trauma that rape victims could sustain, and where some even result to being murdered, this criminal act could be considered one of the most violent, aggressive and devastating, not only to the victim, but also to the family members and the society at continues to experience this criminal act, despite measures that aim to prevent them.
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