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Revising E-mails and Podcasts - Essay Example

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Sword and laser, a book reviewing podcast which is very famous among the science fiction fans, is hosted by Tom Merritt and Belmont who are peculiar readers of this genre and have a sound grasp on the books which are related with science fiction and fantasy topics. This podcast…
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Revising E-mails and Podcasts
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Extract of sample "Revising E-mails and Podcasts"

Revising E-mails and Podcasts [Type the document sub user [Pick the Sword and laser, a book reviewing podcast which is very famous among the science fiction fans, is hosted by Tom Merritt and Belmont who are peculiar readers of this genre and have a sound grasp on the books which are related with science fiction and fantasy topics. This podcast includes different episodes in which each book is reviewed and discussed in detail by the reputed hosts. Because the hosts are active participants of the well known readers’ forums like Google reads and they have an in depth knowledge about the genre of science fiction and fantasy world, they give a great tough time to the author when doing a review. There have been many famous authors on this podcast like Joe Abercrombie and Kristian Nairn .
Dear Sir,
I have been a great fan of your podcast Sword and laser as it is the cardinal tool in my learning of science fiction and fantasy literature but there are some improvements which can elevate the performance of your podcast; I sincerely recommend the following with kind suggestions.
The first thing which should be diminished from the podcast is the reading session that is provided to the audience in which they read and then the review is started in order to inculcate the audience on the board to have their interest but the situation is different than the perception. The audience should be shown a short video summarizing the theme of the book or the hosts themselves should summarize the theme of the book for the audience and it will be enough to give them a touch about the book that is going to be reviewed and the show time will be saved in this way. The interest of the audience will also be developed because many people are only interested in the salient details of the book, not the in depth study. The podcast will become more interesting and to the point by adapting this improvement and more time can be spent on the review and analysis of the book.
The other improvement which is needed in the podcast is the active participation of audience. People cannot ask the questions to the authors and just listen to them whereas in order to sustain the interest and interaction of the podcast, it is really necessary that the audience can pose questions to the writrs. The podcast allows the questions to the authors only from the active members.
The third improvement is the types of questions which the hosts ask. Many a times, they asked irrelevant questions and the author of the book seemed to be frustrated. The hosts should be instructed to focus the questions on the topic (52 Podcasts, 2013).
Revised Email
Dear George,
I went back to New York for a presentation on 15th of this month and I found it very informative. The sponsor of my visa was Vern Grouper. Vern is the Manager of IS at headquarters which is their centralized information system. They are much powerful system there and they encourage exploiting all the capabilities in order to provide benefits to us. I observed that they have a diverse and strong computing capability which is far more superior to ours in the business perspective. There are certain services which they can provide which will be helpful in nurturing our IS department for example Vern can come on monthly basis to provide helpful lectures to our advisory group.
I have a few innovative ideas and I am looking forward to discuss them with you regarding advisory group of IS. These ideas are very simple but will provide extensive help in the future.
Please let me know about the guest lecturers of Vern and if you are comfortable with it, I will contact Vern at the first place and negotiate with him about the related issues.
In-depth podcast reviews - 52 Podcasts - A place for in-depth podcast reviews - 52 Podcasts (2007). In-depth podcast reviews – 52 Podcasts. [Online] Retrieved from: [Accessed: 13 Feb 2013].
Podcast link: Read More
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(Revising E-Mails and Podcasts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Revising E-Mails and Podcasts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Revising E-Mails and Podcasts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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