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Electronic Commerce and Information Security and Ethics - Essay Example

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The paper "Electronic Commerce and Information Security and Ethics" aims to evaluate tools and strategies needed to follow in order to implement electronic and mobile commerce in business and policies and procedures that organizations should implement to protect themselves…
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Electronic Commerce and Information Security and Ethics
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Extract of sample "Electronic Commerce and Information Security and Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages The essay tells that most of the products and services involved include; shopping for goods and services, conducting banking and monetary transactions, playing online interactive games, sending and receiving emails, linking to social networks to connect to people and finally trading stocks and shares. On the other hand, online presence refers to the sum of all identities created either personally or business-wise, interactions created by these identities and those that a business or a person have participated in online. A successful online presence is bound to earn an individual or business followers, fans and customers. Another benefit of a good online presence is that it is bound to spread brand awareness which is the dream of every business out there. Therefore, building an online presence entails establishing the goals of an individual or the business, creating accounts and profiles, building a website which will serve as the home base and finally working on the best ways to engage and interact online. The first step businesses need to take into account when creating an online presence is strategizing their business goals. By doing this it will help them understand their business goals whether short term or long term that are driving them to create an online presence. This is the time to also assess the impact of the online presence to your business goals. This stage helps in creating an online presence that will impact positively on the goals of the business. The next step is creating a solid platform. The most important thing in this step is to create a website which is going to be the home base for the business. A website facilitates your online presence by creating a platform for your business where people can find it easily and learn more about what they offer. Through this, they can interact, engage, and contact you in case they need your services. Therefore, search engine optimization, clear message about the business, contact page, are a prerequisite in ensuring a good website to establish your online presence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Electronic Commerce the research of OECD (2010) which shows that jobs may be created from the need by companies to have a presence in both the cyber commerce world and the physical world thereby an increase in staff. Instead of job losses, what is envisaged is growth in a new segment of the job market as there now will be need for informational technology professionals whose expertise will be used to develop the electronic commerce medium. Lubbe and Maria Van Heerden (2003) point to the fact that the progressive use of electronic commerce actually necessitates the need for professionals who will develop applications needed to help its running....
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