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Suvey Unit 1 - Essay Example

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HRM evolved in the 1970s with titles such as ‘personnel administration’ and ‘personnel management’ used to refer to the discipline. Its emergence…
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Suvey Unit 1
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, the HRM subject grew into a profession in the early 1920s. Moreover, human resource practices have transformed and organizations have assigned monetary value as well as respecting employees. The evolution of HRM creates a linkage between employee employer relationships along with strategic management as the focus (Aswathappa 5-22).
The role of HR professional as strategic partners to senior leadership entails the formulation and implementation of strategies. They make senior leadership highly effective by supplying committed and competent human resources as well as aligning them with the organization’s resources. HR professionals orchestrate distinctive personalities, skills, motives and experiences of employees in facilitating interactions occurring within work teams. They also provide knowledge about the organization and tasks along with HRM goals, programmes and policies. Additionally, they create a suitable working environment and enhance the learning process among employees so as to improve performance (Aswathappa 38).
The main specialty areas of HRM include employee and organizational development, employee relations, talent management, employee resourcing and, training and development. Employee development entails how value could be added to the organization and its employees whereas organizational development encompasses how skills could be obtained, developed and maintained needed by the organization both at present and in the future. Employee resourcing comprises how HR managers efficiently resource corporate strategies and the process of acquiring employees into the organization. Employee relations constitute processes, perceptions and institutions within the employer employee relationship (Connelly 13-23; Rowley and Jackson xix-xxxiii).
HR generalist coordinates and administers programmes in all functional areas, advises line managers on HR matters and supervises the implementation of HR policies, as well as coordinating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Suvey Unit 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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