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Introduction To ART - Essay Example

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The composition of the advertisement includes three diamond rings of different colors. The wedding rings spread across the plane of the image and it…
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Introduction To ART
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Extract of sample "Introduction To ART"

Introduction to Arts FORMAL ANALYSIS The advertisement is about diamond wedding rings which the company targets individuals with little information on diamonds. The composition of the advertisement includes three diamond rings of different colors. The wedding rings spread across the plane of the image and it includes a background of two different colors. The purple color is at the bottom of the advertisement while the different tones of blue color dominate the upper part of the background. At the top of the advertisement is a catchy statement. Different lines have been used to create the different tones of the colors used in the background. The shapes of these rings are quite different.
The first ring from the left is round with a square diamond decoration that is yellow in color. The second ring is beige in color and is round in shape but it is flat from the front view. The other ring is blue in color and it is also thickly rounded with its surface also decorated with different lines. The lines that repeat themselves in the background develop unity as they show how different colors such as blue, purple and shades of yellow could be used together.
Generally, the outline of this advertisement entails warm colors of different tones. The colors have at least two tones; dark and light. All in all, the different colors used on the rings could be said to be gender specific. Thick and thin lines have been used in this advertisement. The thick dark lines show the dark tone of the colors used and the thin lines have been used to indicate the light shades of the colors used.
The rings have been symmetrically represented at the bottom of the advertisement unlike the upper part that has the statement. The texture of the background surface has been depicted as rough by the bold checked lines at the top while the bottom has faint checked lines that depict some smoothness.
The advertisement was placed online by the Rocks by Request Company to reach the several masses that have access to the internet so that they could learn about the qualities of diamond before they can buy them form potential jewelers. The retailers also used internet advertisement so as to increase their sales. The company has maintained connectivity so as to include human characteristics in e-commerce by including both technology and culture in organizations that retail in diamonds. Rings have always been a symbol of love in the form of material. Therefore, diamond rings would symbolize uniqueness and status of the couple as not many people are able to buy them. The different colors used on the rings are also symbolic of the genders. The blue color is symbolic of the male gender while the others could represent the female.
The advertisement lacks a human touch due to the absence of people in it. However the advertisement has achieved its purpose of increasing sales and educating people on the qualities of diamond. This is because it was done on the internet which is accessed by large numbers of people. The internet is also used as it is the potential source of information for most brides and grooms who find it an easier option than magazines or newspapers.
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Introduction To ART Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Introduction To ART Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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