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Gun Control Legislation (Do stricter laws correlate to lower homicide rates, fewer gun related crimes and less illegal weapons) - Thesis Example

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Moreover, it discusses in detail the Second Amendment. Splitzer asserts that the second amendment is not a hindrance between gun control laws. Although the writer illustrates some…
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Extract of sample "Gun Control Legislation (Do stricter laws correlate to lower homicide rates, fewer gun related crimes and less illegal weapons)"

Download file to see previous pages This book illustrates the author’s research on crime, prevention, and the authority to have concealed weapons. He severely condemns the notion that it is unjustified to allow citizens to carry guns, as it is harmful to the society, however, concealed weapons is only dangerous to the criminals and useful to the common man. The writer provides data of 3000 U.S. countries who imposed gun laws over 18 years (Lott, 2010) and as a result, the crime rate like murder, theft went down immediately. Moreover, according to Lott, the people who benefitted were mostly women, Blacks, and individuals living in the rural areas. However, in the book some statistics is rather dull and boring especially the data tables. This book is an excellent read especially for those who believe that gun laws should be implemented. Moreover, the book offers us a variety of debates that help us argue people who are in support of gun control. This source however, does not give much emphasis on the gun laws of America, instead, it provides data of gun control laws of other countries.
The article gives information about Colorado’s mass killing that took lives of twelve people and fifty eight were injured. Living in America is extremely threatening because a person is more likely to be killed in the US than any other country like Britain, Japan and Germany. Moreover, the article gives credible information about why the crime rate is so high in America by telling, “two- thirds of the people in America carry guns, whereas in Britain only 10% of the people carry weapons” (Colorado’s dark night). The article shed lights on Obama’s failed strategy of gun control and the condition of the country is getting worse as a result. Every politician hides behind the Second Amendment constitution, which says the people have the right to carry arms. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gun Control Legislation (Do Stricter Laws Correlate to Lower Homicide Thesis.
“Gun Control Legislation (Do Stricter Laws Correlate to Lower Homicide Thesis”, n.d.
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