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The primary focuses of this movie, “When Kids Get Life” ( are the stories of individual adolescents who have committed heinous crimes against humanity and are serving life sentences in Colorado state prisons. Currently, serving life sentences 45 juveniles in the…
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Download file to see previous pages In Jacob Ind’s case, it began with the sexual abuse from which he reacted by cutting himself. In the criminal justice system, filicide is often reacted to and sentenced less harshly than parricide. Juveniles were often treated with more tolerance as being allowed to commit a crime, as they are more likely to be rehabilitated than an adult is. In the state of Colorado, age is irrelevant when it comes to first-degree murder.
Contrary to Jacob Ind, Erik Jensen and Nathan Ybanez were both sentenced to life without parole. Ybanez was the boy who actually committed the murder of his mother, whereas Jensen was only involved in helping covering up the crime. Yet, in Colorado, there are no differentiations between actual parricide and merely being implicated in the crime’s cover up. At one point, Ybanez’s mother inadvertently admitted to issues at home. Ybanez’s mother told Jensen’s mother that she was ‘afraid’ that her husband would hurt Nathan. It eventually came out that the problems in the Ybanez household were Nathan’s involvement in an incestuous relationship with his mother.
Trevor Jones had accidentally murdered Matt Foley through a scheme of selling Matt a gun, but keeping the money and the gun then disappearing. Matt either would not have the opportunity for recompense, as the sale of a firearm from or to a juvenile is illegal. Jones was charged with armed robbery and felony murder, although the murder was an accident. Ultimately, Jones committed reckless manslaughter, but was charged with felony murder because of the robbery charge. Teens are more often charged with felony murder than adults, as juveniles more often associate and commit crimes in groups, whereas adults more often perpetrate crimes singly.
Andrew Medina was also charged with felony murder at 15 when he and two friends tried to carjack Kristopher Lohrmeyer. He saw his sentence as not being able to eat at McDonald’s again, play with his brother ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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