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Recording Analysing and using HR Information (CIPD CERTIFICATE) - Essay Example

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Organizations collect human resource data for various reasons, including monitoring, equal opportunities, recruitment planning, equal pay audits, assessing skills balance, and assessing performance against set targets. Collecting and recording HR data is essential to…
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Recording Analysing and using HR Information (CIPD CERTIFICATE)
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Extract of sample "Recording Analysing and using HR Information (CIPD CERTIFICATE)"

Download file to see previous pages legal requirements, provide records in the event of an assertion against the organization, provide relevant information in decision making, record contractual arrangements, and keep contact details of employees (Kemsley, 2012).
Within an organization, there are numerous types of data collected. These may include company data, employee records and statutory records.  Personal data such as employee name, telephone number, address, and next of keen, are collected and recorded to enable HR to contact employees (Obisi, 2011). Employee data help the organization to increase the efficiency of recruitment, promotion, development and training, monitoring equal opportunities issues. They can provide raw data to individual skills and competencies hence help the organization pinpoint precise opportunities to improve skills to match requirements (Cornell University, 2011). Payroll data allows HR to keep tabs on employee pay history as well as incorporate any changes. This consists of data pertaining basic salary and any additional benefits (Liverpool John Moores University, 2012). Accurate disciplinary action records enable HR to take an employee’s past record fully into account, especially when deciding what action to take when any breach of conduct has occurred. They also help management to apply the appropriate disciplinary rules according to the organization’s policy.
There are many methods of recording and storing HR data. Records can be stored in filing cabinets, which make ease of access to data. It also helps to maintain a record of paper trail, which can be used for future reference or as evidence (Pope, 2012).
Most organizations use the human resource information system (HRIS). This is an integrated system created to provide information used in HR decision-making (NMA Technologies, 2008). It merges human resource management with information technology. Here computer software, hardware, and databases simplify the task of analyzing data and help organizations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Recording Analysing and Using HR Information (CIPD CERTIFICATE) Essay)
Recording Analysing and Using HR Information (CIPD CERTIFICATE) Essay.
“Recording Analysing and Using HR Information (CIPD CERTIFICATE) Essay”, n.d.
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I didn’t know how to start my essay. "Recording Analysing and using HR Information (CIPD CERTIFICATE)" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of structure was valuable.

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