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Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information Professor Institution Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information In HR, human capital is the people at work and their combined skills, knowledge, abilities and capacity to innovate and develop…
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Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information
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Download file to see previous pages The data is important for liability and regulatory purposes. The government necessitates firms to collect, maintain and report a lot of HR information to them. Data collected in HR is very important in establishing the skill level of the workforce in a company and helps predict future performance and engagement of employees. The management of human capital is very important as the ability to attract, retain and improve the employees will continually be a major challenge to HR professionals. To become official employees, most firms require that the employees complete a form. The type of information collected includes: Legal names Address Banking information Marital status Beneficiaries for benefits plans Social security and insurance number, etc. The type of data collected, where it is stored and how it is used have changed but the need to collect information from employees has not changed. Maintaining such HR data ensures maintenance of a profile for each employee and to ease payment and compensation to each employee. It’s also vital for regulatory and liability purpose. The government requires firms, especially larger ones to maintain and report a lot of information to them. Currently, there are complex human resource information systems (HRIS) to manage, analyse and transfer a lot of information. ...
Data corruption and loss is at much lower risk especially in controlled environments. Electronic HR systems feature relational databases where data can be stored in more than one file, each comprising of different types of information. The benefits include: Different files can be linked to allow information from individual files be used together Information can be linked from diverse sources and locations It’s more efficient and requires less storage space Easier process of recording and generating financial records (ACAS 2009) An extensive and complex UK legislation influences the recording, accessing and storing HR data. Both the manual and electronic systems are covered by the law. The Data Protection Act of 1998 applying to personal records states that: Data must not be retained any longer than it is necessary Manual systems must be organised into an appropriate filing system. Employees have the right to access their information records, subject to some exceptions, and the employer is required to ensure the data is accurate. Activity B Advancements in the levels of absence and change and uncertainty are still being experienced and this makes it essential to retain focus on the well-being of employees. The public sector despite the ongoing budget cuts still remains more active in health promotion than in the private sector. The major task is retaining the focus as budgets remain tight. Reviewing the suitability of absence management approaches and that of well-being provision is vital and should be done on a regular basis. This will ensure that key issues faced by the employees are addressed. This year saw similar results to those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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