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Assignment Week Two - Term Paper Example

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I hundred percent agree with the idea. How even a master mind can say that he knows ever thing. Certainly, he can never know everything. He only knows what he has seen, experienced,…
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Assignment Week Two
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Extract of sample "Assignment Week Two"

Learning Organization Learning Organization The best idea that I have found in the article is “everyone is a learner” (Sigler, 1999). I hundred percent agree with the idea. How even a master mind can say that he knows ever thing. Certainly, he can never know everything. He only knows what he has seen, experienced, studied, and shared from others. Yes, he can master a certain topic / idea due to his vast study, but he might not be in knowledge of latest development / research undertaken in the world. The world is changing rapidly in an inexorable manner, and on every subject of life latest research is being carried out in different parts of the world, thus no one can claim that he is not a learner or he knows everything on any specific topic. Yes, one who evolved any principle theory on any subject and the theory is recognized scientifically worldwide, he can only claim to be the owner of that particular idea until and unless his idea / theory is challenged , changed, rejected or improved. If this is done that once again that individuals becomes a learner on the topic.
The next idea that I liked a lot is the idea of five disciplines discussed in the “Training Guide” because I had been involved in training people and had been imparting training on various topics frequently. Since, personal mastery involves a huge exposure on the topic therefore, it helps out the trainer to share his knowledge and experience, and also enables him to reply each and every question satisfactorily quoting examples from what he practically dealt with. While involving participants in two way talks, we ultimately share a lot of knowledge and personal experience of each other and thereby understand counter productivity. The shared vision certainly brings a lot of new ideas for every one especially for the leader and enables him to satisfy his topic of lecture more satisfactorily. I similarly do agree with the third discipline ‘Mental Model’. During all trainings, I myself frequently adapted this discipline and obtained a lot of new ideas to make the topic of lecture more satisfying and more useful. Every participant, who had some experience on the topic and could share his own mental model, was also making contribution that added to the knowledge base. This is important discipline and I always used it extensively. Team learning and system thinking are also deeply experienced in all training sessions. I always have taken opportunity of team learning by making two separate teams of equal participants and thereafter presenting ideas of each team to summaries the topic including the ideas brought forward by both teams separately.
No doubt the ideas were interesting not only for me but for everyone. It really had meaning not only for working life, career orientation, and certainly affect the working style of an individual. Personal mastery not only changes personal life but also the working life and the work as well due to vast knowledge and experience on the specific topic. By this one can encounter every one, everywhere while taking on the topic. Shared vision itself provides chances of more learning therefore, I always liked it all the time. Mental models give us new ideas and thus provide better chances of more learning. I, therefore, ever liked to discuss various mental models for enhancing ability to create environment for better conversation with everyone. I always preferred discussions with my colleagues at every time that provided me a good chance of team learning and also provided good chances for system thinking. Team learning ultimately brought perfection to my work.
Sigler, J. (1999). "Best practices and guiding principles" - A training guide to successful development of a learning organization. ProQuest Central, 23(1/2), 67. Read More
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