Analysis of Super Cars vs Used Cars: The Trade Off, Billionaire's Paradise: inside Necker Island, and Super Rich and Us Programs - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper summarizes and gives a personal opinion on the documentary programs "Supercars v used cars: the tradeoff"(2015) which is about a swap of 2 salesmen Darren and Louis "Billionaire's paradise: inside Necker Island", and "Super rich and us". …
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Analysis of Super Cars vs Used Cars: The Trade Off, Billionaires Paradise: inside Necker Island, and Super Rich and Us Programs
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Super Cars vs Used Cars: The Trade Off, Billionaire's Paradise: inside Necker Island, and Super Rich and Us Programs"

Download file to see previous pages Darren is pushing sales by being persuasive and insistent because he has to add value to each car he sales. Louis uses his knowledge of each car to show that it is exclusive and present it in the best light.
The program covers more aspect of life in the UK than it is expected from its title. It draws the difference between life in the capital and small town in Wales where people struggle with poverty. On the one hand, living in London gives people more opportunities but they spend much more time working and commuting than people in smaller cities and town. The needs of people are also different; people who are rich obviously spend more money and want to invest them in something posh while budget shoppers buy things because they need to use them here and now.
Overall, I think that this documentary is interesting and engaging for people. It contains a couple of funny moments and presents something in between documentary and reality show. I think that it is not a waste of time to watch programs like this.
The documentary Billionaires paradise: inside Necker Island (2015) traces a story about a beautiful island Necker owned by Richard Branson who bought it in 1978 for 180000 pounds. He transformed the island from a deserted land somewhere at the edge of the world into a luxury resort where the richest people in the world relax. The motto of the island is Anything possible at Necker and this documentary proves that it is true (Billionaires paradise: inside Necker Island 2015).
This documentary shows what people can get for their money. The islands staff members are well-trained to meet every whim of their clients. Since some of them can rent the whole island, staff members need to be ready to serve for them 24 hours a day.  There are many people who have been working at Necker for decades.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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