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- Why Do You Want To Study Business Adminstration and why carnegie mellon - Personal Statement Example

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Business has been a very interesting field to me personally; this deep interest in business has been inspired by the work that won my admiration to date. This work is the growing influence of leading companies on the economy of nations and the world, during childhood; I was…
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Personal Statement - Why Do You Want To Study Business Adminstration and why carnegie mellon
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Extract of sample "- Why Do You Want To Study Business Adminstration and why carnegie mellon"

Business has been a very interesting field to me personally; this deep interest in business has been inspired by the work that won my admiration to date. This work is the growing influence of leading companies on the economy of nations and the world, during childhood; I was known to be materialistic by most members of society. This could be true because I could not wear certain clothes or board certain vehicles; I was extremely choosy in what I wore, its brand and cost. This was contributed by the welfare of my family, which was among the rich families in the society.
As a child, I used to tell my father that I could wish to own a large business organization when I grew up, but he thought I was joking. My Interest in business and the desire to live a high-class life, and be independent was discovered when I helped my father in his business shop during holidays. I used to market his products through Facebook, twitter and other social networks, which I found hard to convince my father to join. As I was working with my father in his business, I realized I could not directly face people because I was shy. Moreover, to further my skills and knowledge in business, I worked in several business entities as an internee. During this time, I learnt many business related skills like marketing, balancing the cashbooks, attending leadership trainings and workshops. All these skills and knowledge plus excelling well in my class work business related courses increased my interest in the need to do business administration.
In the current world everything has changed due to advanced technology; this has also increased my interests in pursuing a business course. This is because, as a business administrator; I can sell my products through the social networks, process clients requests and even prepare data without necessarily going to the office, shop or meeting clients face- to – face.
Carnegie Mellon University is my number one preferred university because of the quality and professional studies it offers especially in the school of Business studies. In addition, another reason is that most people owning high technology companies studied in Carnegie Mellon University. It also offers entrepreneurship inspirational business courses, which make interested students, come out successful once completing their studies from the university. In addition, as a student who wants to pursue in Business Administration, I believe Carnegie Mellon University is the perfect place for me.
Professionally, Carnegie Mellon University in general holds outstanding opportunity for me, to pursue international business connections and develop myself as a business executive. This is because I plan to immerse myself as much as possible into the business world to meet new people and develop connections, but most importantly to gain experience in an international business culture. In conclusion, Carnegie Mellon University is my number one choice because all-important aspects of my life (personal, academics and profession) will be developed here. My dream of owning my own business will also come true due to the business skills and knowledge offered in the university. Read More
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Personal Statement - Why Do You Want To Study Business Adminstration.
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