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Oceanographt- Chapter 11 - Essay Example

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Through this chapter, I have learnt how sun and moon despite being miles away from the planet earth, their varied gravitational pulls contribute immensely to the…
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Oceanographt- Chapter 11
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Extract of sample "Oceanographt- Chapter 11"

Key Words: Gravitational Pull/Force, Planet Earth, Moon, Sun, Tide, Rotation, Oceanographt- Chapter 11 Undeniably, this is an informative chapter whose content comprise of causes, formation and nature of tides. Through this chapter, I have learnt how sun and moon despite being miles away from the planet earth, their varied gravitational pulls contribute immensely to the occurrence of tides. Hence, leading to unending tidal action whose effects both to humanity and aquatic life differ greatly. Besides, tides’ magnitudes vary considerably due to the sun and moon placement in relation to the position of the planet earth. For illustration, the moon’s movement, which results to the formation of strong Tractive Forces due to the gravity between them that pulls and brings them together. However, their individual inertias keep them apart so that they cannot smash or interfere with each other’s orbiting track.
In addition, I have also learnt that, tides’ forces similar to wind can be useful in energy production, though this venture has not received adequate funding and implementation. This is especially in US, where despite Roosevelt outlining benefits, which the state can attain from utilizing tides’ energy, the regime during then failed to embrace this idea. The state refused funding the venture despite seeing its benefits in France, though US regime’s then decline was due to differences emanating from its parties’ varying policies held by each side. The excerpt contends that, among the numerous benefits, which the state utilize tides; the dominant encompasses traditional shipping though presently there are improvements. Since, they have resulted to utilizing diesel driven equipments that are faster than traditional yachts.
The intriguing aspect encompasses how tidal friction leads to the slowing of earth’s turning. Since, the daily action of these tides normally entails immense energy expenditure, which in turn dissipates it as heat; hence, slowing earth turning by hundredths of a second in every century. Consequently, this has prompted the earlier one year that had approximately between 400 to 410 days to reduce as well as its day duration, which presently comprise of long days. This is because the moon faces one side, hence prompting one day in the moon to be almost a month comparable to earthly time. It is also intriguing how tides’ actions array aquatic lives forms into diverse categories according to their species and size. This is evident in the chapter’s illustration depicting grunion at the shore though proven scientists’ studies contend this is a process of this fish’s species reproduction process.
This is an informative content though some sections entail intensive research because to numerous readers it may seem more of mysteries than reality. The sections encompass diminishing of days owing to reduced earth rotation momentum and grunion’s phenomenal array during tidal actions. Besides, the chapter present a rich content meant for research especially to numerous geographers who may need basic information regarding tidal actions. However, some sections seem complicated for the beginners who may not have adequate interpretational skills regarding certain geographical statistics. For illustration, the estimation of amphidromic data that is essential in determination of tidal effects in regions that are under study.
Chapter 11 Test
Question 1
b & c
Question 2
Mean Lower Low Water
Question 3
Mixed tides
Question 4
The Earths poles
Question 5
Advance of a low pressure system
Question 6
Shallow water
Question 7
The Moon
Question 8
Fixed waves
Question 9
24 hours 50 minutes
Question 10
Neap tides
Question 11
lowest, highest
Question 12
Astronomical tides
Question 13
Counterclockwise, clockwise
Question 14
Question 15
Tidal datum
Question 16
15 meters
Question 17
Tidal bore
Question 18
Flood current
Question 19
Meteorological tides
Question 20
France Read More
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Oceanographt- Chapter 11 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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