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Geological Framework of the Red Sea - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Geological Framework of the Red Sea" focuses on the fact that the Province the Sea Basin comprises offshore and neighbouring onto land regions, from the northern Gulf of Suez at around 350 km by 70 km and Gulf of Aqaba at around 185 km by 25 km southeastward.  …
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Geological Framework of the Red Sea
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Extract of sample "Geological Framework of the Red Sea"

Download file to see previous pages The Gulf of Aqaba is a younger, speedily falling down wrench basin with an upper limit water deepness of 1850 meters. The rest of Red Sea Basin region is full of zip rift where sea-floor spreading has taken place for the last five million years. Additionally, depths of water locally go beyond 2300 meters in the axial province.
Geologically, the Red Sea has just in recent times turned into a sea. The Red Sea takes up a fraction of a region of depression and faulting known as the Great Rift Valley. The Red Sea was formed by the movement of plates in the surface of the Earth close to 30 million years ago (Mabrook, 2001). During those times, the Arab peninsula began to branch from Africa along a slender break line which was overflowing with the waters of the Ocean. Twenty million years ago, a different geographical movement began (AZAZI, 1992). The Arab peninsula which branched from, Africa began to shift to the north. That shifting thumped resistance in Turkey and swayed east, and a new brake line was created. The Hydrothermal vents on the floor of the sea are proof of continuous tectonic activity. The Red Sea is still expanding at approximately one-half inch annually. Plate tectonics is a hypothesis of geology that has been created to clarify the monitored verification for large-scale movements of the lithosphere of the Earth. The theory contained and outdated the former theory of continental drift from the opening half of the 20th century and the notion of seafloor expanding initiated in the 1960s. The outmost segment of the interior of the Earth has comprised of two layers: top is the lithosphere, consisting of the crust and the firm upmost part of the mantle. Underneath the lithosphere lies the asthenosphere. Even, though, solid, the asthenosphere has the comparatively minimal thickness and shear strength and can stream like a liquid on geographical time scales. The lithosphere is reformed into what is referred to as tectonic plates.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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