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Email-etiquette - Essay Example

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The article has been written by Dawn Rosenberg Mckay and talks about tips for writing professional email. It appears on the website and intends to teach the etiquettes of email writing. The article is concise and talks briefly about how a person should think while writing a professional email. …
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Extract of sample "Email-etiquette"

The article has been written by Dawn Rosenberg Mckay and talks about tips for writing professional email. It appears on the website and intends to teach the etiquettes of email writing. The article is concise and talks briefly but clearly about how a person should think while writing a professional email. In total, there are seven tips that have been mentioned and I completely agree with almost all of them.
Even though the author is trying to convey every point in his article clearly to the reader, many of the tips that he has mentioned are obvious and can easily be gleaned from common sense. The most obvious of these is the first one in which he is asking the readers to mind their manners while writing their emails. Since the article talks about writing a professional email, this tip is fairly obvious as one has to be respectable and formal because the email is not to a friend or any other acquaintance. The other tip that has unnecessarily been mentioned is about being professional. Even the title of the article is about writing a professional email so one would obviously act professional while writing it, so adding an extra ‘tip’ for the point does not really add appeal to the article.
Apart from the fairly obvious tips, there are some points that are really not necessary while writing a professional email. In particular, I disagree with the author’s tip number six in which he talks about asking the recipient about sending an attachment. This tip actually sounds unprofessional since taking consent and then sending an attachment would take an unnecessarily greater amount of time. Also there might be need for urgency in sending out the attachment and the best way would be send an attachment and explain about it in the body of the email and then leave it on the recipient to decide what he wants to do with it.
Apart from the inadequacies mentioned above, the article is very useful and helpful. I found the last tip extremely important and useful which is about writing the email body first before adding the recipient. Also since I have also had an unfortunate experience of sending an incomplete email because I mistakenly clicked on the send button, I can connect to this tip. From now onwards, I would keep this tip in mind while I am writing down a professional email in order to prevent any accidental premature sending of the email. Moreover, the fifth tip is also extremely useful. Until now I only used to proofread my emails by myself and sometimes the errors got mistakenly left out. From now onwards, I would be incorporating this tip while penning down a professional email and use grammar and error checking software to keep the errors to a minimum. All in all, the article is very nicely presented and apart from its few flaws, it is a very helpful guide.
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