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Dissertation Premise - Assignment Example

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Directors of Nursing and Social Services in the management team of leaders comprising of administrators have the mandate of implementing and directing policies and procedures in home nursing (Yeo, 2006). In order to determine the relationship existing between leadership styles…
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Dissertation Premise
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Dissertation Premise Impact of Director of Nursing and Director of Social Services Leadership Style on the psychosocial well-being of Nursing home residents
Program of study:
Impact of Director of Nursing and Director of Social Services Leadership Style on the psychosocial well-being of Nursing home residents
Directors of Nursing and Social Services in the management team of leaders comprising of administrators have the mandate of implementing and directing policies and procedures in home nursing (Yeo, 2006). In order to determine the relationship existing between leadership styles and psychosocial well-being of nursing home residents, there is need to compare and identify the leadership styles involved (Baeza, Lao, Meneses & Roma, 2009). Nevertheless, psychosocial well-being in setting of home nursing is not influenced by the changes in culture and integration with administrator’s leadership styles. Therefore, the paper will explore the impact of director of nursing and director of social services leadership styles on psychosocial well-being of nursing home residents.
Relationship existing between nursing homes and leadership styles of nursing directors has a significant influence on the care quality. Nursing directors cooperate with administrators in establishing a long-term relationship with residents of nursing homes in order to foster a culture that can support development of the team. However, there are limited building preparations for the leaders of nursing homes, which cause limits on the leadership. On the other hand, administrators are focusing on adopting various initiatives that facilitate collaboration with nursing directors and social service directors to establish effective delivery teams. There are changes occurring in management of the old leadership in relations to personal behaviors and adaptation of new ones (Dixon, 2006). In this case, this paper will focus on the current study that results to offering relevant information concerning leadership in nursing homes and the roles of the individual teams that has resulted to impact on the psychosocial well-being of nursing home residents.
Problem Statement Approach for the study
According to Allen (2008), data obtained from the government indicates that control of the administrative leader on the care quality and services has a significant psychosocial well-being of nursing home residents. This has been attributed to recommendations by the regulators to foster changes that facilitate a culture embracing residents of nursing homes. Furthermore, embracing the residents of nursing homes focuses on their humanistic values and care that is personalized home like settings (Weiner & Ronch, 2006). There are conventional care models established by nursing and director of social services aimed at addressing the long term issues in the care environment that has an impact on psychosocial well-being of nursing home residents (McCulloch & Turban, 2007).
Success of in nursing home care depends on performance of management team, which is inspired by leadership styles (Rader & Semradek, 2006). There are changes in home care nursing that occur to support leaders in making decision that can reduce the doubts concerning new approaches (Sullivan-Marx & Gray-Miceli, 2008). Therefore, leadership styles enable management of the nursing home cultures in order to elude rise of doubts concerning levels of irregularity in compliance with new standards.
In conclusion, the paper has explored the impact of director of nursing and director of social services leadership styles on psychosocial well-being of nursing home residents. In addition, there are leadership styles that create positive behaviors among management team members, which have impact on psychosocial well-being of nursing home residents. Moreover, these positive behaviors enable the management team to confront significant challenges in their workplace (Melnyk & Swink, 2005). In fact, this leadership styles encourages the employees to have a connection to the organizational values, which facilitates increase in employees’ performance in nursing home.

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